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This auction will take place on Monday, December 17, 2018 from 7pm CET

Saturday, December 15, Sunday, December 16 and Monday, December 17, 2018 from 11am to 5pm CET

Bidding is simple and can be done in several ways:
Bullet through our website catalogue - click on your category at the bottom of this page
Bullet live internet bidding - click on the Invaluable logo on the right-hand side of this page
Bullet at our auction room - during the auction and the viewing days
Bullet by e-mail - send your list of bids to
Bullet by telephone - +31 20 3790060 (from The Netherlands 020 3790060)

Location Preview Days and Auction
Quellijnstreet 127, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

ABA will again auction special objects and items from private collections.

To be auctioned:
Private collections of ceramics and design, Japanese and European prints, antique toys and curios, as well as a collection of art books and erotic photography books.

Bullet 0001-3500 Books
A broad selection of books, with a focus on art and (erotic) photography. Also included are bibliographies, books on history, literature and children’s books.

Bullet 3501-4000 Japanese Prints and Reference Works
A collection of Japanese colour woodblock prints by Gekko Ogata, Kunisada II Utagawa, Kuniyoshi Utagawa and Yoshitoshi Tsukioka, among others. In addition, a selection of reference works with relation to Japanese prints and Asian art in general.

Bullet 4001-4300 Antique Prints
A private collection of modern graphic art, including German impressionism and expressionism (Max Klinger, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Oskar Kokoschka, Ludwig Meidner and Lovis Corinth). In addition, works by Aristide Malliol, Eduard Bargheer, Karl Heinz Hansen-Bahia and others.

Bullet 4500-4800 Ceramics, Tableware and Curio
An interesting collection of European ceramics and glassware. This includes Leerdam, Delfts Blue and Royal Copenhagen, as well as crystal glass and tableware. Among the curios, we find an 18th-century violin by Remerus Liessem, copper and tin utensils and decorative objects such as lamps, clocks and chests.

Bullet 4801-4900 Ethnography
Birmese silver objects, Asian porcelain and an ancestor skull from Papue New Guinea, as well as African and Asian sculptures.

Bullet 5001-5500 Antique and Rare Books
Among which a large, exciting lot of books on chess and draughts, pocket atlases and interesting travelogues, such as Jauberts book about his travels in Persia and Armenia. Also includes the Schatkamer der Nederlandsse Oudheden, Emmanuel van Meterens Historie der Nederlanden and a Beschryvinge der Stad Dordrecht.

Bullet 6201-6400 Design, Lamps and Vases
A collection of decorative vases from Gouda and Leerdam, by Copier, Meydam and Rozendaal, in glass and ceramics. Also, design by Alessi, Juan Huerta (Lladro) and an attractive dinner service by Ambrogio Pozzi, as well as a number of vintage design lamps.

In short: A varied and attractive auction!
Result of this auction

0001-0500 Books - Book History, Bibliography [11]
1001-1300 Books - History and Topography [33]
1501-2000 Books - Art [117]
2201-2300 Books - Erotica [22]
2301-2500 Books - Literature and Poetry [7]
3001-3500 Books - Children’s Books, Comics [6]
3501-4000 Japanese Prints and Reference Books [63]
4001-4300 Antique Prints [38]
4301-4500 Toys [22]
4501-4700 Varia, Antiques and Ephemera [44]
4701-4800 Ceramics, Tableware and Glassware [49]
4801-4900 Ethnography [14]
5001-5500 Books - Antiquarian and Rare Books [35]
6001-6200 Books - Remaindered books (Ramsj) [21]
6201-6400 Design, Lamps and Vases [57]

Total lots [539]

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