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Auction 42 - Books, Art, Curios, Silverware, Glass, Design, Asian Art and Original Comic Designs.

This auction will take place on Tuesday 26 June 2018 at 7pm CET (GMT+1)

Viewing Days
Saturday 23, Sunday 24, Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 June from 11am to 5pm CET.

Bidding is simple and can be done in several ways:
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Location Auction and Viewing Days
Quellijnstraat 127, 1073 XH in Amsterdam

ABA is auctioning again some special objects and items from private collections.

To be auctioned:

Bullet 2001-2500 Books - Topography and History.
With, among other things, a large collection of The Dutch East Indies. Interesting is the lot with personal correspondence from the famous Dutch professor and P.C. Hooft prize winner Pieter Geijl.

Bullet 3000-3500 Original Comic and Children’s Books Designs
This time in a separate category a very extensive collection of Original Comic Drawings, Postcard-, Picture Book- and Children’s Book Designs of excellent quality. Also some unique preprints. Including work by: Willem Berthauer, Jacob Bruin, Guido Gezelle, Piet van Elk, Kees Meys, Annie Kermer, Albert van Beek, Corina Agatha Smit, Cees Woltman, Nico Broekman, Piet Marée, A. Goosen, Toby Vos, Henri Albers, Viktor Silberberg (=Bob Uschi), Lo van Noorden, Leo Meijer Jr., P. Levy, Lovano, Annie Broekman-Ten Doesschot, A. Le Comte, Cees Woltman, Tony Ros, Lukacs en Peter Lem.
Including work by: Willem Berthauer, Jacob Bruin, Guido Gezelle, Piet van Elk, Kees Meys, Annie Kermer, Albert van Beek, Corina Agatha Smit, Cees Woltman, Nico Broekman, Piet Marée, A. Goosen, Toby Vos, Henri Albers, Viktor Silberberg (=Bob Uschi), Lo van Noorden, Leo Meijer Jr., P. Levy, Lovano, Annie Broekman-Ten Doesschot, A. Le Comte, Cees Woltman, Tony Ros, Lukacs en Peter Lem. Furthermore, a collection of limited, signed luxury editions or otherwise special comic albums, predominantly in mint condition, of: Marten Toonder, Herman Roozen, Pieter Hogenbirk, Edouard AIdans, Willy Vandersteen, Paul Geerts, Marc Sleen, Dirk Stallaert, Herman Huppen, René Follet, Yvan Delporte, Don Lawrence, Mike Butterworth, Fred en Liliane Funcken, J.F.L.M Cornelissen, Manara, Bruno Di Sano, Gaetano Liberatore, Félix Meynet, Eric Maltaite, Henk Kuijpers, Jean-Louis Mourier, Willy Linthout, Urbanus, Minck Oosterveer, Romano Molenaar, Martin Lodewijk, Albert Uderzo, René Goscinny, Peter van Straaten, Johnny Hart, Carl Giles, Georges Prosper Remi Remi (=Hergé), Jacques Tardi, Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri en Bert Bus.
Also some comic related items including unique printing plates and clichés of among others Piet Marée.

Bullet 4001-4500 Antique Prints
A modest but excellent collection of Etchings, Linoleum- and Woodcuts, Copper Engravings and Lithographs. Prints in the field of Cityscapes, Architecture, Landscapes, Flora, Portraits, Eroticism, History, Mythology, Religion and Still-lifes. Including works by: Salvator Rosa, Jozef Israëls, Max Liebermann, Karl Heinz Hansen-Bahia, Anthonie Waterloo, Franz von Stuck, Max Klinger, Jan Luijken, Robert Philippi, Jacob Maris, Degas, Courbet, Renoir, Cezanne, Manet, Cassatt, Eugene Delacroix, Willem Grimm, Robert Benard, Diderot et D’Alembert, Jacques Callot en Willem Steelink jr. Notable are the woodcut of the medieval artist Albrecht Dürer and two rare etchings from Rembrandt van Rijn: ‘The decapitation of John the Baptist’ and ‘Saint Jerome praying in the wilderness’.

Bullet 4201-4400 Cartography
Some cartographic works.

Bullet 4501-5000 Curios, Antiques & Ephemera
The category Curiosa is again very varied this time. Items include Toys, Ceramics, Watches, Collectibles, Pottery, Religion, Medallions, Amber and Ivory Necklaces, Cameos, Stamps, Sculptures, Clocks, Advertising objects and Archaeological finds and many other Vintage or Antique Utensils. Noteworthy is the vintage game console Nintendo 64 Star Wars Episode I Racer Limited Edition Set.

Bullet 4601-4700 Ethnographica
A comprehensive collection of ethnographic Sculptures, Masks, Jewels and other works of art.
Including Fon, Ashanti, Lobi, Leti, Avalokiteshvara, Hujarat, ancestor figurines, Yoruba style, Bakongo, Igbo, Topoke, Vishnu, Mossi and Pre-Colombia.

Bullet 4701-5000 Glass and Design
A because of the size separate category. A sublime collection of unparalleled design objects of exceptional quality and rarity. This colorful collection consists of glassware and design, with names such as: Andries Dirk Copier, Natale Sapone, Jean Beck, Alessandro Mendini, Charles Schneider, Kosta, Floris Meydam, Erwin Eisch, J. Lötz en Gunnar Ander.

Bullet 4801-5000 Asian Art
A considerable amount of Asian Art with, among others Sculptures, Porcelain, Pottery, Wajang Puppets, Textiles, Toys, Utensils from among others the periods: Han Dynasty (206 BC - 220 AD), Tang period (618-907), Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), Kangxi (1654-1722), Qianlong (1735-1796), Tongxi (1862-1874) and the Meiji Period (1868-1912). With a.o. Japanese Arita Imari Porcelain, Chinese Yixing Pottery, a Nanking Vase, a rare Turkish antique Iznik Tile, a South-East Asian Keni, a Zoomorphic Bowl from Papua New Guinea, a beautiful silk-painted work by I Dewa Nyoman Leper. And-very special- an ornate plate from the ship ‘Diana’, sunk in 1817, the so-called Diana Cargo from the Christies collection. Furthermore, some Indonesia.

Bullet 4901-5000 Tapestries and Carpets
A considerable collection of 25 Tapestries and Carpets. Including specimens from: Afghanistan, Turkey, Iran, Kurdistan, Turkmenistan, Quashqai and Pakistan.

Bullet 5001-5500 Books - Antiquarian & Rare Books
The collection of Old, Antique books, Manuscripts and other Rare Books is more varied than usual. A lot of history, literature and religion this time. But also antique auction catalogs, such as the Parisian Antiquités Égyptiennes, Grecques et Romaines. Appartenant à P. Philip et à divers Amateurs and the Catalog des Tableaux composant la collection Laurent-Richard. Furthermore numerous magazines and children’s books from the beginning of the 19th century. Special is the rare complete 87 volume set of the Magazine voor Indische Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde van de Bataviaasch Genootschap van Kunsten en Wetenschappen. Also worth mentioning is the beautiful manuscript ‘Artsenyber en Scheikundige Leren’. And off course the necessary regular antique and otherwise rare books.

Bullet 5501-5700 Modern Art, Graphics & Prints
A beautiful extensive collection of Etchings, Woodcuts, Drawings, Watercolors, Silkscreens and Paintings. Including City and Seascapes, Portraits, Landscapes, Still-lives and Erotica from the 16th to the 20th Century in various techniques, of among others: Marius Bauer, Jan Sluijters, Peter Behrens, Johannes Niemeyer, Jacques Callot, Conrad Martin Metz, Huber Robert, Lovis Corinth, Félicien Joseph Victor Rops, John Lewis Brown, Pieter van Loo, Jan Hendrik Weissenbruch, Charles Rochussen, Heinrich Campendonk, Pieter Brueghel de oude, Lovis Corinth, Benvenuto Cellini, Willem C. Rip en Johannes Norbertus Buning.
Furthermore, an extensive collection of contemporary work of outstanding quality from, among others, Karel Appel, Wassily Kandinsky, Anton Heyboer, Kees van Dongen, Bauhaus, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Rudolf Grossmann, Gert Heinrich Wollheim, Aad de Haas, Holger Runge, Emil Orlik, Irene Destrée / Pilar López Júlvez, Henri Gabriel Ibels, Gustave Leheutre, John Lewis Brown, Maxime Dethomas, Charles Lucien Léandre, Jacques-Émile Blanche, Mary Jeanne Ophoff, Gustave Adolphine Wilhelmina (Dolly) Rudeman, Lovano, Franz Marc, Else Bach, Max Heinze, Karl Rössing, Otto Pankok, Maxim Gorky, Conrad Fehn, Hermanus Antonius (Henri) van Daalhoff, Willem C. Rip and many other artists. Special is the beautiful bronze statue ’Tantalus’ by Gerhard Marcks.

Bullet 6001-7000 Silver and Silver-plated
A very extensive collection of silver utensils and jewellery. And an interesting collection of numismatics, including a South African Gold Pound from 1898. The Highlight within this category is an antique gold pocket watch with a Spillegang clockwork of excellent quality with a miniaturized built-in music box.

Please note: Some lots that have been held in previous auctions have been included in this auction with a lower starting price.

Geschlossen für Online-Gebote

2001-3000 Bücher - Topographie und Geschichte [22]
3001-4000 Originale von Comic- und Kinderbücher [159]
4001-4200 Alte Drucke [21]
4201-4500 Kartographie [5]
4501-4600 Kuriosa und Antiquitäten [45]
4601-4700 Ethnographica [23]
4701-4800 Glass und Design [47]
4801-4900 Asiatisch [73]
4901-5000 Wandteppiche und Teppiche [25]
5001-5500 Bücher - Antike und Seltene Bücher [58]
5501-6000 Bildende Kunst, Graphik und Plakate [65]
6001-7000 Silber und Versilbert [70]

Übersicht Lose [613]