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Auction 41 - Books, Prints, Art, Curio and Aziatica


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This auction took place on last April 3rd.

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Location preview days and auction
Quellijnstreet 127, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

ABA is auctioning again some special objects and items from private collections.

To be auctioned:

Bullet Books – Bibliography, Books on Books
Some literary works.

Bullet Books - Science and Technology
In particular, the subjects Biology and Botany. And the complete Grande Encyclopédie Pratique de Mécanique et d’Eléctricité in perfect condition.

Bullet Books – Art, Architecture and Culture
A comprehensive collection including many special museum catalogues and invitations.
Works on areas such as Art History, Architecture, Art, History, a lot of books about ceramics, Fasion, Silver, Sculpture, Design, Magazines, Music, Asiatica, Religion, Pop Art, Theater, Photography, Dance and Erotica. Furthermore, some special reference works in perfect condition. Well-known names include: Wijdeveld (Wendingen), Mark Smit, Borzo, Kleykamp, Corneille, Weber, Beethoven, Mozart, Carl Andre, Rembrandt, Andy Warhol, Bert Stern, Degas and Fré Cohen. Furthermore, the most beautiful typographic magazine ever made in Holland: Halcyon, beautifully preserved years of this magazine in the original box with cardboard covers, complete with the Escher issue.

Bullet Books - Topography and History
With a.o. subjects History, Topography, Photography, WWII, Religion and numerous editions about Amsterdam. The most important lot is undoubtedly the real first edition of ’Het Achterhuis’ of Anne Frank.

Bullet Books - Fiction
Various literary works and the eye-catching lot of four signed Dutch novels.

Bullet Books - Children’s Books, Comics
A few notable Dutch comic books and series. Including: Asterix, Lucky Luke, Piloot Storm, Redbeard, Blueberry, Olivier Blunder, Bollie and Billie, Tom Puss, Spike and Suzy, Captain Rob, Lefranc, Karl May, Dick Bos, Dick Bruna, Flipje, Donald Duck, Buck Danny and Blake and Mortimer.

Bullet Antique Prints
An extensive collection of 155 lots of Etchings, Linoleum and Woodcuts, Copper Engravings, Lithographs, Silk-screen prints and other graphic work. Prints in the field of Biology, Cityscapes and Architecture (a lot of work on Amsterdam), Landscapes, Flora, Portraits, Asiatica, Naval Battles, History, Religion, Inaugurations, Maritime, Indonesia, Still Lifes, Blueprints and Mythology. Special is the silkscreen ’Excellence Saves!’ by Keith Haring.
Extraordinary are the woodcut of the medieval artist Albrecht Dürer and three exceptionally rare etchings by Rembrandt van Rijn; ’Christus in de hof van Getsemane’, ‘De Onthoofding van Johannes De Doper’ and ‘Sint Hiëronymus biddend in de wildernis’. Respectively translated as ’Christ in the garden of Gethsemane’, ’The Beheading of John the Baptist’ and ’Saint Jerome praying in the wilderness’.

Bullet Cartography
Given the size a separate category of 66 maps, atlases, bird flights and facsimile in good to excellent condition. Made by, a.o.: Jaillot, Janvier, Nicolaas Visscher, Balthasar Florisz. Van Berckenrode, Giovanni Rizzi-Zannoni, Rigobert Bonne, Isaak Tirion, Joan Blaeu, Mercator, Hondius, Janssonius, Frederik de Wit, Tobias Lotter, Fouquet, Christiaan Sgroten and Matthäus Merian Sr. Impressive is the complete facsimile of the Blaeu Atlas in good condition.

Bullet Optica Prints
Optica Prints can be considered the ‘television’ of the 18th century. The hand-coloured engravings are meant to be viewed with a lens and mirror construction that converts the image into a mirror image of beautiful 3-d simulating cityscapes and architecture. With, a.o. plates of Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Genoa, Milan, Frankfurt, Aachen, Petersburg, Florence, Utrecht, Madrid, Seville, Leipzig and Versailles.

Bullet Curio, Antiques and Ephemera
This category is rich and very varied again. Items include: Toys, Ceramics, Postcards, Photography, Glass, The Royal Family, Clothing, Utensils, Watches, Ethnography, Shares, Collectibles, Pottery, Instruments, Numismatics, Clocks, Religion, Medical Instruments, Advertising Objects and Archeological Artifacts, and many other vintage- or antique utensils. Escher’s tin Icosahedron with embossed sea shells is an object that always will be intriguing.

Bullet Design
A sublime collection of unparalleled design objects of exceptional quality and rarity. This colourful collection consists mostly –with a few exceptions- of glass and ceramics, with names like: Andries Dirk Copier, K.P.C. de Bazel, Floris Meydam, Per Lutken, Karin Hammar, Willem Jacob Rozendaal, Willem Heesen, Willem Gispen, Cornelis van der Sluys, Stef Uiterwaal, H.M. Laupman en Carl Öjerstam.

Bullet De collection Old and Antique books, Manuscripts and otherwise Rare Books this auction is also diverse. What is a Book Auction without an excellent selection of antique and rare books?
Highlights are a.o. the ’Toneel des Oorlogs’ of Jacob Meurs and Johannes van Someren, the l’Angleterre ou Description historique et topographique du Royaume Uni de la Grande Bretagne of G.B. Depping’, the ’Beschryvinge der stad Dordrecht’ of Balen Jz. Matthys, the Histoire de Crusades’ of Michaud and Gustave Doré, the Relation du voyage de sa Majesté britannique en Hollande, Et de la Réception qui luy a été faite’ and a number of rare manuscripts concerning the VOC. In addition many other noteworthy works. Unique is the beautifully crafted handwritten reception book of the University of Amsterdam, containing the original signature of Queen Emma, Wilhelmina and Juliana and Prince Bernhard. Completely hand-signed in sepia ink.
Particularly special is the real first edition of the English translation of The Dream of the Red Chamber (Hung Lou Meng), undeniably the most important Chinese novel. Of this edition only a few exist throughout the world.

Bullet Art and Graphics
A beautiful extensive collection of etchings, drawings, watercolours and paintings. Including cityscapes, landscapes, Portraits, Still Lifes, seascapes and erotica from the 16th until the 20th century in various techniques. Including works of Adriaen van Ostade, Antoon Molkenboer, Jan Rombouts, Jacques Callot, Conrad Martin Metz, Hubert Robert, Hélène Hamburger, Artus Quellinus, Gerard Huysser and Oszkár Mendik. Furthermore, an extensive collection of contemporary graphics of excellent quality of a.o. M.C. Escher, Jan Rombouts, Marius Bauer, Dirk Rodenburg, Georg Rueter, J. Pzn. Franken, Keishu Takeuchi, Silvia Wilink, John Raedecker, A.J. Terwen, Georg Rueter, Aat Veldhoen, Nico Koster, Jan van Munster, Karel Appel, Conrad Felixmüller, Ferry Bertholet, Rob Scholte, Josef Albers, Peter Klashorst, Leo Gestel, Henri Matisse, Jean Cocteau, David Hockney, Keith Haring, Siep van den Berg, Ellsworth Kelly, Dick Elffers, Jan Sluijters Jr. en Sr., Charles Rochussen, Lovis Corinth, Bert Stern, W. Kleemann, Aad de Haas, Max Nauta and many other artists.

Bullet Posters
The auction concludes with a large collection of special and rare gallery, museum and advertising posters including those of Andy Warhol , Karel Appel, Anthon Beeke, Roy Lichtenstein, Dick Bruna, Waldemar Post, Fongers, Steinlen and Lucien de Roeck. Special is a lot of twenty colourful, mostly obscure circus posters. The collection is completed by a collection of posters brought in by the heirs of Dick Ellfers. Some of these are extremely rare, perhaps unique.

In short: Another auction to be proud of!

Result of this auction

0001-0500 Books - Bibliography, Typography [4]
0500-1000 Books - Science and Technology [5]
1501-2000 Books - Art, Architecture and Culture [77]
2001-2500 Books - Topography and History [20]
2501-3000 Books - Literature [7]
3001-4000 Books - Children’s Books, Comics [23]
4001-4200 Antique Prints [128]
4201-4400 Cartography [66]
4401-4500 Optica Prints [19]
4501-4700 Curios, Antiques & Ephemera [63]
4701-5000 Design [27]
5001-5500 Books - Antiquarian [59]
5501-5700 Modern Art, Graphics & Prints [155]
5701-5800 Posters [85]

Total lots [738]

Print Catalogue