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Auction 38 - Books, Prints, Art, Curio and Ethnographica

Tuesday, November 15, 2016 at 7pm CET
CET = Central European Time (GMT+1)

Saturday 12, Sunday 13, Monday 14 and Tuesday, November 15 from 11am until 5pm CET

Location preview days and auction
Quellijnstreet 127, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

ABA is auctioning again some special objects and items from private collections.

To be auctioned:

Bullet Books – Bibliography, Books on Books
A collection of literary magazines, almanacs, yearbooks and other book related literature.

Bullet Books - Science and Technology.
In particular, the subjects Medicine, Steam Engineering and Anthropology.

Bullet Books – Art, Architecture and Culture.
A comprehensive collection including many special museum catalogs of outstanding quality. Works on areas such as Design, Architecture, Sculpture, Art History, Ethnographica, time periods, editions focused on countries, biennials and other retrospectives. But also special art magazines such as L’Assiette au Beurre. Well-known names include: Pier Paolo Pasolini, Joseph Beuys, Jan Dibbets, Piet Mondrian, Peter Shelton, Jean Tinguely, Steinlen and Sofia Coppola . The collection also includes many works of contemporary artists.

Bullet Books - Topography and History.
In many lots within this category the subjects Topography and History are intertwined. Beside a few lots, most are focused on the Dutch territory such as Amsterdam, Harlem, Breda and The Hague. A few series of historical journals complete the overall picture.

Bullet Books - Fiction.
In the category Fiction a large lot of literature of Louis Paul Boon stands out. Visually, however, the collection of illustrated works of Anton Pieck predominates.

Bullet Books - Children’s Books, Comics. Besides some bundles of notable comic books -including several of Marten Toonder- many trading card albums will be auctioned. Surprising is the rare collection Tom Puss postcards.

Bullet Books – Miscellaneous. In particular, the subjects Sports, Entertainment, Animals, Genealogy, Shipping and Erotica will be covered.

Bullet Prints and other Graphics. The category Curios is again rich and very varied. Items include: Picture stamps, Epaulettes, Vintage Radios, Cameras, Telephones, Clocks, Voltmeters, Projectors, Scales, School Bags, Autographed Theatre Photos, Toys, Medals, Postcards, Christmas Decorations, Bonds, Badges, Swords, Balances and Typewriters.
Some of the objects are carried out in the style of Amsterdamse School, Art Nouveau, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Arts and Crafts, Thonet and other 19th and 20th century styles. Furthermore an impressively large ship model and a robust replica of a rare Fokker helicopter.

Bullet Ethnografica The section Ethnography is relatively wide. In addition to the extensive amount of Africana a collection of ethnographic old sculptures, utensils, building fragments, weapons and other types of objects will be presented from the regions India, The Middle East, Indonesia, Asia, Central America, South America, China and Suriname.

Bullet De collection Old and Antique books, Manuscripts and otherwise Rare Books this auction is also diverse. What is a Book Auction without an excellent selection of antique and rare books? More than a hundred works this time, of remarkable good quality. Including special topographical work on The Zaanstreek, Stavoren, Vronen en Waterland, Harlem, Dordrecht, Bommel, South Holland and Schieland, The Hague, Breda, East Friesland, Medemblik, Tübingen, Paris, Leipzig, Zeeland, London, Amsterdam and Europe. Furthermore the collection consists of many other literary, theatrical, religious, historical, biological or medical titles.
Highlights are a beautiful 16th-century copy of Ovid’s Metamorphoses and the beautiful ‘Pomologia, dat is beschryvingen en afbeeldingen van de beste zoorten van Appels en Peeren’ with 39 vivid hand-colored engravings of superb quality ánd ‘Beschouwende en Werkdadige Hovenier-Konst of inleiding tot de waare oeffening der planten’ with 16 large folding plates. Both made by Johann Hermann Knoop.
A book that absolutely arouses curiosity is ‘HISTORIE DER SEVARAMBES, Volkeren die een Gedeelte van het darde Vast-land bewoonen, gemeenlyk ZUID-LAND genaamd’. This work is based on original 17th century ship logs of Captain Siden. Researchers practically agree that the passage of the disembarkation of the Heerenveen cabin boy Sjouke Gabbes on the Australian coast, was an inspiration for Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe. (From: Lucius L. Hubbard, A dutch source for Robinson Crusoe).

Bullet Art and Graphics.
Art is also well represented this auction. Names such as Peter Klashorst, Bram Bogart and Salvador Dali adorn the list. Beside that you will also find a series of beautiful rare engravings of the award-winning early 20th-century artist Marius Bauer and works by other well-known Dutch artists. Last but not least a beautiful original drawing of the famous Art Nouveau artist Antoon Molkenboer from the private collection of his family.

Bullet Posters. The auction concludes with a collection special rare domestic and foreign Posters from early and mid-20th Century.

In short: Another auction to be proud of!

Result of this auction

0001-0500 Books - Book History, Bibliography [16]
0500-1000 Books - Science and Technology [4]
1001-1500 Books - Religion and Philosophy [1]
1501-2000 Books - Art, Architecture and Culture [73]
2001-2500 Books - Topography and History [17]
2501-3000 Books - Fiction [5]
3001-3500 Books - Children’s Books, Comics [18]
3501-4000 Books - Varia [8]
4001-4500 Antique Maps and Graphic Art [5]
4501-5000 Curios, Antiques & Ephemera [109]
4701-4800 Ethnographica [47]
5001-5500 Books - Antiquarian [110]
5501-5700 Modern Art, Graphics & Prints [21]
5701-5800 Posters [10]

Total lots [444]

Print Catalogue