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Auction 37 - Books, Prints, Art, Curio and Ethnographica

Tuesday, July 5th, 2016 at 7pm CET
CET = Central European Time (GMT+1)

Viewing Days
Saturday 2, Sunday 3, Monday 4 and Tuesday, July 5th from 11am until 5pm CET

Location preview days and auction
Quellijnstraat 127, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

ABA is auctioning again some special objects and items from private collections.
A part of the lots is reintroduced with a substantially lower limit.

To be auctioned:

Bullet Books - Science and Technology. Including History, 2nd World War, Art, Zoology, Topography, Biblical History, Royal Family and School Plates.

Bullet Books - Psychology & Sexology. A specialized library divided into numerous lots on the subject of Psychoanalysis, Sexology, Psychiatry, Education, Pedagogy, Psychology, Gerontology and Adolescent Psychiatry. Many of the books are rare or otherwise difficult to obtain.

Bullet Books - Art, Music, Photography. An extensive collection Interview (Magazine) with articles about Andy Warhol and Bruce Weber. I fine set of Art Books with illustrations of Anton Pieck and various works of reference on Curios, Contemporary Art, Architecture, Museums, Artists and Theatre.

Bullet Books - Topography and History. Numerous combined lots on Topography including Amsterdam, The Dutch East Indies, Europe, Asia, Africa, Brabant, Leiden and Zeeland. Regional Languages and History of various time periods and subjects.

Bullet Books - Fiction. A variety of packages on literature, including many first editions and other special issues. Furthermore, various lots about collecting.

Bullet Books - Children’s Books, Comics. Comic books, Comic Memorabilia, Trading Card Albums and Postcards. The necessary children’s books and collectibles, a collection of dozens of special editions of Kresse. Albums including: Bob and Bobette, Lucky Luke, Redbeard, Tita Tovenaar, Anita, Talent, Mad, Fix & Fox, Thorgal, Mickey, Tintin, Kick Wilstra, Tom Poes, Bessy, Asterix, Jack, Jacky and the Juniors, Eric de Noorman, Prince Valiant, Gummi, The Balloen, Tim Tuimel, Wordt Vervolgd, Aram, Kapitein Rob, Gaston, Stripkoerier, Rip Kirby, Vuistje, Eppo, Pep and Donald Duck.

Bullet Books – Miscellaneous. Topics: Märklin Magazines and Yearbooks, a special collection of magazines including De Vrije Socialist, Aloha, Hitweek, Zondagsblad van het Volk, Publiekstijdschrift De Spiegel, Piccolo, Hamer, De Revisor, Elseviers Weekblad, Geïllustreerd Stuiversblad , De Lach and various other periodicals. Furthermore, a library on topographical and cultural literature about Morocco, books about Animals, Games, Erotica and other topics.

Bullet Prints and other Graphics. A nice collection of Prints and Engravings.

Bullet Curio, Antiques and Ephemera. A comprehensive collection of Curiosities and Antiques: Utensils, Cans, Postcards, Paper Models, (Board) Games, a large collection of Model Cars, Tobacconalia, Curiosa, Foto’s, Toys, Corgi, Matchbox, Bakelite, Antique kitchen Utensils, Tin Toys, Perfume, Glassware, Pottery, Stamps, Scales, Chinese Pottery, Copper and Brass objects, Art Deco, Jugendstil, Arts and Crafts, Tin, Silver, Coins, The Royal Family, Cutlery, Timepieces, a vintage Commodore 64 Computer, Porcelain figurines. And many other paraphernalia and utensils.

Bullet Ethnografica A collection of Ethnographic Old Sculptures, Utensils, Building Fragments and Weapons of various origins.

Bullet De collection Old and Antique books, Manuscripts and otherwise Rare Books this auction is diverse. More than 75 antique objects will be auctioned, including the categories: History, Religion, Medicine, Law, Encyclopedias, Art, Engravings, Judaica, Literature, Topography, Tales, Poetry, Manuscripts, Alba Amoricum, Nobility, Numismatics, Heraldry, Almanacs, Wildlife, Geography, Mathematics, Chemistry and Atlases.

Bullet Art and Graphics. Unica or work in limited editions of various artists, including Matisse, Corneille, Cocteau, Picasso, Dali en Dick Bruna. Furthermore, the usual Prints, Engravings, Etchings and other Graphics that adorn this category.

Bullet Posters. The auction concludes with a collection of over 50 special, sometimes very rare Posters from early and mid-20th Century.

In short: Another auction to be proud of!

Result of this auction

0501-0700 Books - Science and Technology [24]
0701-1000 Books - Psychology & Sexuology [38]
1001-1500 Books - Religion and Philosophy [1]
1501-2000 Books - Art, Architecture and Culture [14]
2501-3000 Books - Fiction [15]
3001-3500 Books - Children’s Books, Comics [59]
3501-4000 Books - Varia [46]
4001-4500 Antique Maps and Graphic Art [2]
4501-5000 Curios, Antiques & Ephemera [69]
4701-4800 Ethnographica [15]
5001-5500 Books - Antiquarian [79]
5501-5700 Modern Art, Graphics & Prints [30]
5701-5800 Posters [50]

Total lots [442]

Print Catalogue