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Auction 35 - Books, Comics, Prints, Art, Curiosities, Ethnography and Archeological findings

Tuesday, March 8, 2016 at 7:00 pm

Preview days
Saturday 5, Sunday 6, Monday 7 and Tuesday, March 8th, 2016 from 11:00 am until 5:00 pm CET
CET = Central European Time (GMT+1)

Location preview days and auction
Quellijnstraat 127, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

ABA is auctioning again some special objects and objects from private collections.

To be auctioned:

Bullet Bibliography, Literature, Manuscripts, Typography. A large amount of Books on Books and Manuscripts. With a fine collection of Auction catalogs.

Bullet Science and Technology. Including Cars, Biology, Mathematics, Psychiatry, Freemasonry and the beautiful Encyclopédie pratique de mécanique et d’électricité.

Bullet A collection History, Archaeology, Heraldry and Topographical literature. Including a magnificent specimen of the Encyclopaedia of the Dutch East Indies. Furthermore the categoriesvZeelandia, Admiral de Ruiter and Judaica.

Bullet Art, Music and Photography Books. An extensive collection of art books with among others attention for Sculpture, Pop-Up, Architecture, Applied Arts, Icons, Carpets, African Art, Ethnography, Photography, Clocks, Numismatics, Heraldry, Topography. Also illustrative work of specific artists, including Anton Pieck, Jacob Bicker Raye, Jan Vermeer von Delft, Carel Fabritius, Victor Vasarely, Edgard Pillet, Sidney D. Gamble, Emilio Pucci, Andrei Nakov, Kasimir Malewicz, Cynthia Young, David Balsells, Jean Pigozzi and Gustave Doré.

Bullet Literature, Poetry and Bibliophile editions. In this category lots of various subjects, including numerous assembled lots of W.F. Hermans, Remco Campert Gerrit Komrij, Gerard van het Reve, Maarten ’t Hart, Hugo Claus, Gerrit Achterberg, Lord Heeresma, Louis Paul Boon, F. Bordewijk, J. Bernlef, Andreas Burnier, Büch Simon Vinkenoog, Harry Mulisch and Simon Carmiggelt.

Bullet Comic Books and Curiosities, Trading Card Albums, Postcards, Children’s Books. The necessary Trading Card Albums and children’s books and a collection of dozens of special Toonderiana. A collection Tintin with hardcovers. Work of Piet Wijn and Kresse. Suske & Wiskes, Trigië, Rooie Oortjes, Sjors & Sjimmie, Eric de Noorman, Asterix, Buck Danny, Harald de Viking including many first editions in good condition. And last but not least, a neat lot of Dick Bos.

Bullet Prints and other Graphics. A large collection Prints, Engravings, Color Lithographs, Optical Prints, Proclamations, Photography and High Quality Posters. With subjects like Auto Racing, Propaganda, Art Exhibitions, Aviation, Miffy, Topography, Advertising, Radio, Politics, Musicals, Fashion, Asian and Maritime. Furthermore, works by, among others Lichtenstein, Jozef Israels, Abraham Rademaker, Dick Bruna, Heinrich Swoboda, Mauve, Janssonius, Bulder and Yves Brayer.

Bullet The Collection Old, Antique Books, Manuscripts and otherwise Rare Books in this auction is very diverse. Two hundred antique works will be auctioned, including the categories of Youth and Juvenile Tales, Music, Literature, Medicine, Arts, Topography, Geography, Architecture, History, Religion, Biology, Wildlife, Theatre, Poetry, Medicine, Dictionaries, Mathematics , Philosophy, Chemistry, Design, Classics and Atlases. The collection includes works by, among others: M. Nieuwenhuijzen, Jean Joseph Aveillio, Henry Frijlink, Addinson Joseph, Jacob Cats, John Young, Flavius Josephus, Th. C. Lilienthal, Dante Alighieri, Charles Dickens, Multatuli, Johan Jacob Schmidt, L’Abbé Barthélemy, Hugo Grotius, Luke Brant, Mr. Jacobus Scheltema, Willem Bilderdijk, John Moore, Harriet Beecher Stowe, P. H. Suringar, Constantijn Huygens, Fokke Simonsz., J.J.L. ten Kate, Gerard van Loon, Virgil H. Tollens, Seneca, J. F. Martinet, Isaac Vossius, Desiderius Erasmus, Martin Luther and dozens of other authors.

Bullet Curiosities, Antiques and Efemera. A comprehensive collection of Antiques and Curiosities: Scales, Photocameras, Tin Toys, Dinky Toys , Stamps, a special set of puzzles M.C. Escher , Coins, Utensils, Asiatica, Stereoscopic Pictures, Porcelain, Minerals, Icons, Masks, Sculptures, Games, Prayer Cards, Leaflets, Cards, Advertising Materials, Tobacconalia, Cans, Amber Lamp Pictures, Truck Mascots of the Michelin Tire man, Flipje and the famous Holland Duck, Glass, Stone Tools, Fossils and many other paraphernalia and utensils.

Bullet Ethnography Some special and curious objects, including a collection of masks, sculptures and pottery from countries such as Ivory Coast, Angola and Indonesia.

Bullet Visual Arts, Posters and Photography. Including work of: Corneille, Klaas Gubbels, Joan Miro, Dick Bruna, Govert Buijs, Hans Innemee, Karel Appel, H.E. Roodenburg, Paul Smith, Silvia Kristel and Jan Veth.
A very special and unique collection of original sketches and designs by Martin Dubbelman and Koekkoek. Some fine limited edition giclées of Amsterdam city painter Stef Verbraeken. Furthermore, the usual prints, engravings, etchings and other graphics that adorn this category.

Bullet Very special is the extremely rare museological Molkenboer Art Collection , which consists of paintings and lithographs of the famous Dutch artists Theo and Antoon Molkenboer. This collection which was contributed by the heirs of Molkenboer features an excellent and detailed provenance.

In short: Another auction to be proud of!

Ergebnisse dieser Auktion

0500-1000 Bücher - Wissenschaft und Technologie [8]
1001-1500 Bücher - Geschichte und Topographie [7]
1501-2000 Bücher - Kunst und Illustration [45]
2001-2500 Bücher - Bibliographie, Typografie [22]
2001-2500 Bücher - Literatur und Poesie [18]
2501-3000 Bücher - Comics und Sammelbilderalben [108]
3001-3500 Bücher - Diverse [6]
3501-4000 Drucke und andere Grafiken [52]
4001-4500 Alte Bücher [163]
4501-4700 Kuriosa und Antiquitäten [80]
5001-6000 Bildende Kunst [55]
6001-6500 Molkenboer collection [8]

Übersicht Lose [572]