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Auction 32 - Books, Art, Posters, Sports Memorabilia and Curios

Tuesday, June 30, 2015 at 7pm – CET [GMT+1]

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Saturday 27, Sunday 28, Monday 29 and Tuesday 30th from 11am until 5pm CET [GMT+1]

CET = Central European Time (GMT+1)

Location Auction and Viewings
Quellijnstraat 127, 1073 XH Amsterdam, The Netherlands

ABA is auctioning again several special objects from private collections.

The following will be auctioned:

Bullet Bibliography and Literature. A small but exquisite collection of Book Printing and Typography.

Bullet Science and Technology. This category will be entirely dedicated to biology.

Bullet History, Archaeology and Topographical literature. Including some particular travel guides.

Bullet Art, Music and Photography Books. An outstanding large and magnificent collection of (modern) art books of high quality. Unique individual editions but also a variety of sublime packages that have been compiled based on artist or artistic style. Many of these publications, despite their rarity or importance, have been wagered at a low price.

Bullet Comics and Trading Card Albums. Some Toonderiana, a.o. Picture Albums.

Bullet Literature & Varia. In this category, a number of packages and individual books about various topics, including: Antiques, Psychiatry, Literature, Religion, Theosophy, Magic, Cooking, Philosophy and Topography.

Bullet Antique Maps, Prints and Photography. Some maps of Paris and Holland.

Bullet The collection Antique Books and Manuscripts in this auction is in our humble opinion extremely interesting. Approximately 100 antique books will be auctioned off wherein almost every subject will be represented. The masterpiece of this auction however is undeniably the post-incunable ’De Libero Arbitrio diatribe siue Collatio / De Servo Arbitrio Mar. Lutheri ad D. Erasmum Roterodamum’. This very rare first edition postincunabel stood at the cradle of the schism within the Western beliefsystem. This book is a compilation of Erasmus his theorem regarding the free will of man in relation to God and Luthers slave-like will, the antithesis in which he assumes that everything already has been determined by God. In this polemic the disagreement turns out into an ideological battle with metaphysical depth. This book is therefore considered to be the physical representation of the controversy between Erasmus and Luther which, despite the fact that they were pursuing the same objectives, would emphasize the differences between them.

Bullet Curios and Antiques. This sale a comprehensive collection of curios and antiques will be auctioned: Ceramics, Militaria, Optics, Silver, Clocks, Board Games, Copper, Glass, Tin, Toys, a special collection (heavy) Medals and Tokens, an extensive collection of Surinamese and African Ethnography and a variety of other curiosities.

Bullet Art, Photography and Posters. A variety of silkscreen prints including work of Karel Appel and Herman Brood. Lithographs and rare cultural and literary posters and some original works. In addition to the usual prints, engravings, etchings and other graphics that normally adorn this category.

Bullet Redeployment of the Curatorial Sports Memorabilia Auction. Recombined and bundled lots of ABA’s Curatorial Sports Auction (Auction 30), deployed at greatly reduced prices. Among others: Cycling, Skating, Soccer, Formula 1, Grand Prix, The Olympic Games, Motorsports, Racing Car Drivers and Sports in General. Folders, Trading Card Albums, Magazines, Clippings, Photos, Posters, Cycling Shirts, Model Racing Cars, Pennants, Panini Cards and other Sports Memorabilia.

Result of this auction

0001-0500 Books - Bibliography, Typography [8]
0500-1000 Books - Science and Technology [31]
1001-1500 Books - History and Topography [14]
1501-2000 Books - Art, Architecture and Culture [131]
2501-3000 Books - Comics and Picture Albums [17]
3001-3500 Books - Literature & Non-Fiction [11]
3501-4000 Antique Maps, Prints & Photography [3]
4001-4500 Books - Antiquarian [94]
4501-5000 Curios, Antiques & Ephemera [120]
5001-6000 Modern Art, Photography, Prints & Poster [25]
6001-7000 Recombined Curatorial Sports Memorabilia [75]

Total lots [529]

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