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V 23|2.25.2014

Auction 23 - Books, Antiques, Posters, Silver, Tiles and other Curio.

Tuesday, February 25th at 19.00 hrs

Friday 21, Saturday 22 and Sunday, February 23th, 2014
from 11.00 to 17.00 hrs

ABA is auctioning again some special objects and items from private collections. We expect great interest for this specific auction. For example, we got the request of some collectors to auction their collections comics, ceramics, antique books, antique tiles and silver. It really promises to become a marvelous auction.

To be auctioned:
Bullet Science, Technology and Book science. Including some detailed lots of books about steam engines and steam ships, with many illustrations.

Bullet A large collection of History, Architecture and Topographical literature. Including special newspapers, several old bound volumes. And a rare lot of the political movement "De Kabouters’.

Bullet Art, Music and Photography Books mostly of very good quality. Rare lots of pop music based on various specializations, including: David Bowie, Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Bob Dylan and many other artists and movements.

Bullet Literature and Poetry. Besides a work of Simon Carmiggelt, a very rare lot ’Ding Magazine’ and the required other 19th and 20th century Dutch poets.

Bullet Comic books and Trading Card Albums. As many as 60 lots of children’s books, comics, images and pop-up albums. Including work by Richard Corben, Marten Toonder and Jacques Glénat. Softcovers, hardcovers, rare work, comic magazines such as ’De Vrije Balloen’. Everything with a quality indicator of good, very good to new condition. Overall a too extensive collection to describe, with just a few highlights.

Bullet Antique Maps and Prints. Some lots with maps and topography of the well-known mapmakers and publishers Caspar Merian and Isaak Tirion.

Bullet A well-represented category of antique books and manuscripts. Within this category, a number of modest but sometimes very rare editions, including a beautiful large new bound Bible. Rare is the ’Triumphos da virtude’. A in parchment bound sermon in honor of Stadhouder Willem V, of the hand of the Chief Rabbi (David Cohen d’Azevedo 1746-1792) of the Portuguese Synagogue in Amsterdam. The beautiful illustrated ‘Het Leven en bedryf van den vermaarden Zeeheld Cornelis Tromp, et al’. And other works by Olfert Dapper and François Valentyn.

Bullet Curio and Antiques with: bakelite radios, televisions, record players, clocks, antique furniture, chairs, cabinets, ornaments, etc. mainly from estates of the Amsterdam canals. Special is a fully intact oak wall coat rack in Art Deco.

Bullet Furthermore, in this auction two additional categories Ceramics, Tiles and Antique Silver. Consisting of beautiful blue, sepia and polychrome tiles and tile panels from Amsterdam canal houses. In addition, a large collection of applied ceramic art including from well-known vintage artists. The silver consists of miniatures and artifacts of the first and the second level, some of them which are antique.

Ergebnisse dieser Auktion

0501-1000 Bücher - Wissenschaft und Technologie [12]
1001-1500 Bücher - Geschichte und Topographie [19]
1501-2000 Bücher - Kunst und Illustration [27]
2001-2500 Bücher - Bibliographie, Typografie [2]
2001-2500 Bücher - Literatur und Poesie [11]
2501-3000 Bücher - Comics und Sammelbilderalben [60]
3001-3500 Bücher - Verschiedenes [3]
3501-4000 Alte Karten und Drucke [3]
4001-4500 Alte Bücher [53]
4501-4700 Kuriosa und Antiquitäten [49]
4701-4800 Tegels, en keramiek [42]
4801-5000 Silber [29]
5001-5500 Bildende Kunst, Fotografie und Plakate [45]

Übersicht Lose [355]