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V 21|1.10.2013

Auction No. 21, Tue. October 22, 2013
Start 7 pm (UTC+1)
Quellijnstraat 127, Amsterdam

Thu. 18, Sat. 19 and Sun. October 20, 2013 from 11 am to 5 pm (UTC+1)
Quellijnstraat 127, Amsterdam

To be auctioned:
Bullet Book Science, History and Topography. Including a large lot of children and teacher textbooks in excellent condition, Work of Eppo Doeve and a special book on optics.
Bullet A large collection of History, Architecture and Topographical literature. Indonesiana including illustrated topography, cookbooks, and ephemera. A big lot special newspapers, several old sometimes antiquarian bound volumes. And a special book about Baedeker, "Dr. Baedeker and his Apostolic Work in Russia. "
Bullet Art, Music and Photography Books often of very good quality. Including a special exhibition catalog with works by Jan Dibbets, Ger van Elk, Bruce Nauman and Panamarenko, a catalog lithograph by Karel Appel and some magnificent art books related to jewelry. Numerous beautiful bound journals in the fields of design and architecture. The splendid Japanese photo book, ‘NIHON Gendai SHASHIN SHI - History of Contemporary Japanese Photography.’ And many other editions of high quality in the field of art, design and architecture.
Bullet Literature and Poetry. Including a stylish linen-bound French miniature books collection with works by famous philosophers and poets. The famous ’Everyone knows them,’ of Simon Carmiggelt with photos of Maria Austria. And many poetry books from the fin de siècle.
Bullet Comic books and Trading Card Albums. Toonder, Kresse, Joost Swarte and Tardi are names that can be called within this category. Very special are the beautiful original illustrations for children’s books that in some cases probably never even have been issued!
Bullet Antique Maps and Prints. An exquisite lot of botanical lithographs by Conrad Loddiges (1738-1826), many lots of graphical art including: linoleum cuts, drawings, watercolors, wood and steel engravings, lithographs and etchings.
Some sublime watercolors with Amsterdam as a subject. And wonderful original and highly detailed gouaches and watercolors from the hand of Dolly Rudeman (1902-1980).
Bullet Special antique books and manuscripts. Within this category some modest but sometimes extremely rare editions, including ’The Character of the Russians, and a Detailed History of Moscow’ by Robert Lyall (1842-1917) with 12 distinctive hand-colored engravings. And the ’Work of the Royal Institute of Linguistics, Geography and Ethnography of the Netherlands Indies’ by C.B.H. Rosenberg with colored lithographic plates. And a handmade book from the 17th century in parchment with calligraphy examples of Johannes van den Velde.
Bullet Curios and Antiques with: old advertising signs, special toys, puzzles, board games, stuffed animals, Art Deco clocks, Persian rugs, bronze Roman archaeological finds. Ephemera such as old beverage labels, matchboxes, food labels and cans. Panels, vintage objects, postcards, and many other distinct and notable lots.
Bullet In the category of Fine Art, many graphics, drawings, photography and other art forms. Advertising, theater and film posters. A beautiful silkscreen print of George van Herwaarde (1939-2011), beautiful Militaria: 12 exceptional watercolors of famous warplanes and six detailed watercolors of warships from around 1940.

Result of this auction

0501-1000 Books - Science and Technology [11]
1001-1500 Books - History and Topography [27]
1501-2000 Books - Art, Illustrated and Photography [58]
2001-2500 Books - Literature and Poetry [19]
2501-3000 Books - Children’s Books, Comics & Cur [67]
3001-3500 Books - Varia [4]
3501-4000 Antique Maps and Graphic Art [23]
4001-4500 Books - Antiquarian [75]
4501-5000 Varia and Antiques [137]
5001-6000 Art, Photography, Prints and Posters [59]

Total lots [480]

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