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A 19|26.3.2013

Auction No. 19, Tue. March 26, 2013
Start 7 pm (UTC+1)
Quellijnstraat 127, Amsterdam

Thu. 22, Sat. 23 and Sun. March 24, 2013 from 11 am to 5 pm (UTC+1)
Quellijnstraat 127, Amsterdam

To be auctioned:
Bullet Book Science, History and Topography. Including special bounded series scientific publications from 1800, Philosophy, Physics, Chemistry, Gynocologie, Natural Historie, Botanica, volumes Medical Journals and Publications, Studia Rosenthaliana , Mathematics, Zoology, Pathology, Pharmacology. Including a special set of volumes Annalen der Physik und Chemie of Max Planck (1843).
Bullet A large collection of History, Indonesia, Architecture and Topographic literature.
Bullet Art, Music and Photography Books often of very good quality. Including a number of exclusive high quality books about Chinese ceramics and various other reference works of mint quality.
Bullet Literature and Poetry. Including a lot Bulk Book, volumes ’Taal en Letteren’ and the Topor Souvenir Booklet.
Bullet Comic Albums and Picturecard albums. A gift set Bulletje en Bonestaak, Kappie and Tom Puss and the beautiful picture card album filled with large multi-color lithographic cards: Bensdorp - Famous people.
Bullet Comic Curiosities Spike and Suzy articles, bowls, with suitcases and other ephemera collections.
Bullet Antique Maps and Prints. An excellent collection of maps Hondius-Janssonius.
Bullet Special Antiquarian books and manuscripts , including a very rare Teatro Belgico , with a treatise on the States General of the Netherlands , a Wagenaar and
plates part of Voyage Dans la Haute et Basse Egypt, a collection of 40 rare beautiful engravings , and many other beautiful antique work.
Bullet A large collection of curiosities with: School cardboards, beautiful Art Nouveau pewter utensils, a rare box full lithographic ex libri and many other types of lots.
Bullet In the category Fine Art , a new collection of the artist, Vuyk original pop photography of Gijsbert Hanekroot and two special serigraphs by Moebius.

Ergebnisse dieser Auktion

1001-1500 Bücher - Geschichte und Topographie [70]
1501-2000 Bücher - Kunst, Musik und Fotografie [90]
2001-2250 Bücher - Bibliographie, Typografie [11]
2501-3000 Bücher - Comics und Sammelbilderalben [33]
3001-3200 Bücher - Verschiedenes [3]
3201-3325 Curio on Comics [8]
3501-4000 Alte Karten, Atlanten, Drucke und Fotogr [22]
4001-4500 Alte Bücher [40]
4501-5000 Kuriosa und Antiquitäten [43]
5001-5500 Bildende Kunst, Fotografie und Plakate [12]
5501-6000 Fine Art [12]

Übersicht Lose [344]