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A 17|1.7.2012

Auction no. 17, Sunday July 1, 2012 at 3:00 pm. [GMT+1]
Books, Posters, Prints, Photography, Strips, Art & Curio

- June 28, 29 and 30, 2012 from 11 a.m. till 5 p.m.

The Netherlands, Amsterdam, Quellijnstraat 127

The following items will be auctioned:
Bullet Books on books, History and Topography
Bullet A wide collection of Art- and Photography Books
Bullet Literature, Poetry and Bibliophilic Editions
Bullet An extensive collection of high quality Comic Albums (mostly mint) and a variety of Trading Card Albums
Bullet A Stamp Collection
Bullet An extensive collection of Militaria: Ribbons, Shields, Costumes and other ephemeral Militaria from all over the world, from the middle of the 20th century
Bullet Commercial Catalogues
Bullet Toonderiana including original work
Bullet A sizable collection of Comic Book Curiosities, including Tintin, Lucky Luke, Tom puss, Disney and Moebius, but with the emphasis on Suske en Wiske
Bullet Special Comic Posters including work of Enki Bilal, Hergé, Toonder and many other well-known Comic Artists
Bullet Lithographic and other special posters including a museum collection (for exhibition of the posters prepared) of high quality, from the famous Dutch artist Albert Hahn but also work of William Claxton and Bruce Weber
Bullet The necessary Maps and Prints
Bullet A complete Photography Collection of the famous Dutch photographer Gijsbert Hanekroot, with portraits of: John Lennon, Keith Richards, Chet Baker, J.J. Cale, Mick Jagger, Freddie Mercury, and many other famous (pop)artists
Bullet More than 125 special Antique Books and Manuscripts, including a beautifully jewelry design book of J.C. Stoeller, a complete set of Judaica: ’Gebeden der Portugeesche Jooden’ from 1717, a wonderful book about the Dutch Waterworks by Tileman van der Horst from 1736, and a rare post-incunabulum ’Sallustius Opera Salustiana’ from 1514. Furthermore, a selection of handwritten and illustrated Poetry Albums and many Topographic Works Bullet Again a new collection of (Enamel) Commercial Beer (and other liquor) Plates
Bullet A nice selection of Curios and Antiques and a new Ex Libris collection
Bullet In the category ’Fine Art’ a new collection of the Dutch artist Vuyk, work of artists from the Cobra Group, including Corneille and Pedersen, work of Mankes and Bruna, and a rare collection of very large multicolor woodcuts of the well known Dutch artist Vincent van Ojen

Ergebnisse dieser Auktion

1001-1500 Bücher - Geschichte und Topographie [34]
1501-2000 Bücher - Kunst, Muzik und Illustration [42]
2001-2500 Bücher - Literatur und Poesie [16]
2501-2650 Bücher - Comics und Sammelbilderalben [121]
2651- 2700 Briefmarken [14]
2701-2900 Militaria [50]
2901-3000 Verkaufs Kataloge [10]
3001-3200 Bücher - Verschiedenes [7]
3201-3325 Curio on Comics [85]
3326-3400 Comic Posters [39]
3401-3500 Plakate [41]
3501-4000 Alte Karten und Drucke [28]
4001-4500 Alte Bücher [132]
4501-5500 Kuriosa und Antiquitäten [72]
5501-6000 Fine Art [32]

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