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A 15|29.5.2011

Books, Prints, Curio & Art.
The following items will be auctioned:
Bullet Dozens of posters of famous designers. And a number of special lithographic posters.
Bullet A large collection of high quality Picturecard Albums.
Bullet A complete collection of photo art and technical photography books .
Bullet Over 70 beer commercial plates and posters, including many enamelled.
Bullet General books and collectibles.
Bullet Indonesia , photos, books and curios.
Bullet Photo’s including a rare ambrotype .
Bullet Cartography and pictures , woodcuts and engravings.
Bullet An extensive collection comic books of high quality.
Bullet Special Baedekers .
Bullet Old musical instruments .
Bullet In partnership with De Vredespijp, a collection Art Nouveau and Deco furniture, art objects and other curios.

Result of this auction

1001-1500 Books - History and Topography [14]
1501-2000 Books - Art, Music and Photography [33]
2001-2500 Books - Literature and Poetry [6]
2501-2700 Books - Comics and Trading Card Albums [129]
2701-3000 Nagezonden Plaatjesalbums [26]
3001-3500 Books - Varia [24]
3501-4000 Antique Maps, Graphic Art and Photograph [9]
4001-4500 Books - Antiquarian [9]
4501-5000 Beeradverts, Varia and Antiques [115]
5001-5500 Posters [146]
5501-6000 Fine Art [48]

Total lots [559]

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